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Kubota Swappers is brought to you by SPMachining. 

My name is Ken Stauffer. I have been a machinist for 15 years and always been fascinated  and enjoyed working on cars/trucks. I started out with a 1968 Lemans and built a hot 455 Pontiac and ran low 13's at the age of 17. 

After getting in enough trouble for a life time I finally calmed down, started a family and looking for a new hobby I stumbled across diesels but couldn't find a small SUV powered by a diesel to fit my family. Like every other newcomer the Cummins is the first to come up but after countless hours of reading I was drawn to the Kubota.

Now here we are. I want to make this amazing motor easier to adapt into any vehicle - car, truck or suv. Keep checking back because I am always working on a new project.

We are located in sunny California, Livermore to be exact. 

Contact Info:

Ken Stauffer


Direct: 209-855-6688