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Customer's projects

When I starterted making these adapters my thoughts to the future were helping build vehicles that got great gas mileage and outstanding reliability. I figured the normal s10, ranger cherokee and Toyota truck/ 4runner type vehicles. Small truck or SUV. 


This is the majority of my customer base. But the rest of the projects are neat. Couple months back I sold a chevy kit to a gentleman building a mini peterbilt (semi truck) golf cart. About a year ago I developed an adapter to replace a Chrysler flat head six in a Bombardier tractor. 

My favorite thus far though is one of my more recent customers. He is building a custom rock crawling Buggy powered by a v2203 and an automatic 2 speed powerglide... This project sounds fun, very fun but the best has yet to come. This build is for his 6 year old son to get into wheeling. 

This hits home with me as I soon plan to start my father son project with my 9 year old. Once the Cherokee is on the road I will be pulling my great grandfathers 1940 Buick out of my sideyard and start a conversion on it. No plans set in stone but should be fun and fitting. 

I am thankful for the customers that have ordered from Spmachining and thank each and every one. Please keep the swaps coming. Wild ideas or not I want to hear them, and would like to take part in them if there is room




P.s. sorry if I have missspelled peterbilt or bombadier.

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