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Cherokee update

Project update:
When I take on a project like this I like having everything planned out as best I can.
I have spent probably 10 hours with a tape measure climbing around Guinea One taking lots of measurements.
Making sure things will fit. I am sure you all do this too. Also in the last 3 weeks I have taken on a Customers vehicle.
So this build thread will not be for just one 1992 Cherokee XJ but TWO 1992 XJs.

I Went and picked up this Cherokee for my customer last weekend, and I am Jelous!!
1992 Cherokee Laredo - Everything works. Interior is nearly perfect, body is straight .4 inch lift. To top it off, a 5 speed!

Building both at the same time. Hoping to have back to back comparisions on both vehicle. AUTO vs. Manual

The auto comes with 3.55 gears and the manula with 3.07

The manual I have been driving for a couple days now and gearing is perfect 1900 RPM @ 70 MPH

The auto will see slightly higher freeway RPMs @ 70 MPH but I very rarely drive 70 locally. My normal commute is 26 miles on a 2 lane road thru the hills.
Generally running about 55.

I have set a time frame of being finished by mid April for both vehicles.

So onto fun stuff. Items have started being purchased
31x12x3 intercooler and plumbing
Turbo k03-017 / rebuild kit and downpipe flange and gaskets
v2403T exhaust manifold and gaskets
glow shift gauges
new motor mounts
pillar Gauge pod
NPR alternators
Motors are being picked up later next week if I can swing the drive
Manual is getting a v2203 DI with 2 hours, yes 2 hours
Auto is getting a v2203 DI with approx 2k hours

There are alot of parts I will be manufacturing.
tranmission adapters
exhaust manifold flip kit
radiator spacer kit
motor mounts
throttle assembly
oil pans
Accesorie pulleys
accesorie brackets

I will also be adding alot of videos to my youtube channel of the build.
going to try to record as much as possible.


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